Why a strong Baccarat product is critical to gain market share in Asia

//Why a strong Baccarat product is critical to gain market share in Asia

Why a strong Baccarat product is critical to gain market share in Asia

Part of the challenge of expanding your reach in online gaming comes with understanding the intricacies of certain markets.

In some markets this may mean understanding the popularity of slots as opposed to table games, or live dealer casino as opposed to a more straightforward online offering. When it comes to Asia, the key is making sure you get locally popular games spot on, and this means your Baccarat product needs to be flawless.

When approaching an Asian audience, familiarity is key. It is vital to treat the market as valuable in its own right, rather than just a carbon copy of more established European online casino markets. It is a trap which plenty have fallen into, but should be easy enough to avoid. To make inroads requires features to be introduced from a position of familiarity, and acknowledging the popularity of Baccarat is chief among this approach.

While players elsewhere might demand high-end slots or state-of-the-art graphics above all else, a strong Baccarat product allows an online casino to tap into a market known for its high rollers and heaps of action.

The OneTouch Baccarat product proves its worth by not only recognising the need for a prominent product, but by adding elements which separate it from the pack without removing its authenticity.

Its signature ‘squeeze’ fixture, which allows players to increase tension and excitement by touching the edge of a card to gradually reveal it, comes from a place of local knowledge. By blending this with a forward-thinking approach to technology, devising a product that lends itself to a growing mobile gaming landscape.

OneTouch has found the sweet spot between convention and innovation that is needed to gain a foothold in an Asian market which – while not monolithic – remains true to its traditions even while adapting to new technologies.

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