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Our games and RNG are certified to the standards of Malta.

We are happy to certify our games to in an additional jurisdiction at our own expense if required by a casino operator.

Provably Fair RNG

Every OneTouch game uses our Provably Fair and certified Random Number Generator (RNG) which allows players to both participate in generating the randomness and verify that the random number or order of cards in the deck was not altered after the shuffling is complete.

Our Provable Fair RNG is certified to the standards of Malta.

How does it work?

Let’s use a card games as an example. Before each round commences, the deck is shuffled using a set of random characters (“server seed”) generated by the game server. These random characters are hidden from the player until the end of the hand. The player has the option to enter his/her own set of random characters (“player seed”) which is then used to shuffle the deck a second time, which means that the player actually can participate in the shuffling and randomness of the deck. If the player does not manually enter a his/her own set of random characters, the deck is shuffled a second time using a player seed derived from the player’s browser.

After the hand is complete, the server seed and player seed are revealed as well as the order of the cards in the deck based on a shuffle which used both seeds. The player is then able to verify that the order of the cards dealt during the hand matches the order resulting from the shuffling.

This provides a strong degree of confidence in the fairness of our games as it proves that the order of the cards was not altered during the round.

Simulations Verifying RTP

During development, we simulate over 10 million rounds of gameplay to verify that the RTP (Return-To-Player) is correct for each and every game we release.

As this forms part of our certification process, we can confidently assure both casino operators and players that our games are fair and the returns are as expected.