Four ways to optimise classic table games for mobile

//Four ways to optimise classic table games for mobile

Four ways to optimise classic table games for mobile

While the split between mobile and desktop gaming might be close to 50:50, to focus on that ratio alone doesn’t tell the whole story.

Mobile has been making up ground on more traditional forms of online (and offline) gaming in recent years, and with the trend only poised to continue it seems unthinkable for a gaming business to ignore it or treat it as a mere extension of their desktop product.

We have seen innovations in mobile casino gaming when it comes to slots, but how about classic table games? We have identified four ways in which this aspect of the online casino space can be properly tailored for a mobile-savvy audience.

Make games playable using a single fingertip

When approaching mobile casino gaming, it is vital to understand how consumers use their devices on a day-to-day basis. By overcomplicating the interface, game developers run the risk of requiring players to unlearn long-held habits when it comes to their use of mobile devices, thus providing an obstacle to an enjoyable gaming experience. Our layouts are specifically tailored to allowing gameplay using one fingertip, which is generally easier and more straightforward for all concerned.

Provide an ambidextrous gaming experience

With a more minimalist experience such as that offered by, ease of use is imperative. An ability to change bet amounts or deal using just one fingertip can lose its value if a left-handed player has to adapt to a framework tailored only to a right-handed player, which is why OneTouch supports a symmetrical repositioning of game elements depending on player preferences.

Make good use of screen space

While the amount of screen real estate on mobile devices has improved with newer smartphone models, it is still necessarily smaller than on desktop. This means it is always important to maximise the space you do have, and this is something we have achieved with a full-screen mode tailored to all devices of all sizes, with responsive technologies ensuring a slick experience in both landscape and portrait mode.

Ensure mobile brings cherished features from real-life gaming

In the same way that live dealer gaming can bring players elements of the casino experience which they want to see replicated, the opportunities afforded by mobile-friendly aspects such as touchscreen-focused table games can have the same effect. This can be seen with out incorporation of a ‘squeeze’ feature on our baccarat games, allowing players to replicate the thrill of playing the game in a real-life casino environment. This function gives players a tangible element of control and interaction without diminishing the quality of the games themselves.

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