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A Bit About Us

OneTouch is a cutting-edge casino game development company incorporated in the Isle of Man.

We commenced operations in 2015 after spotting a large gap in the market for premium quality mobile table games that passionately and meticulously embraced the “mobile-first” approach to design. The founder of OneTouch started with the vision of a person holding their phone holding their phone in one hand and playing their favourite game while holding the handrail on a bus or train with the other hand.

With this vision in the forefront of our mind at every point of the game creation process, we have successfully developed a suite of retina-ready mobile table games that are hugely popular in both Asian and European markets. The fact that over 50% of the turnover from our games comes from mobile vindicates that there was a gap in the market and, in turn, allows online casino operators to unlock mobile revenues by both providing their existing players with revolutionary on-the-go betting options and by attracting new customers looking for premium mobile games.

Our first game release was Blackjack in 2016, shortly followed by Atlantic City Blackjack. In early 2017, we released Baccarat with our signature squeeze feature on all devices, adding to the excitement and thrill of the game. It is our most popular game and a massive hit with the Asian market.

We entered 2018 with a full portfolio of popular titles, powerful free bet facilities for operators to use for promotions, our first slot game in development and new table games being created for specific target markets. Our roadmap moving into the end of the current decade is a mix of premium table games, top-grade free bet and tournament features for operators, and slots that provide cutting-edge playability in portrait mode and in true keeping with OneTouch’s vision and approach.

Holding mobile and hand rail