A simple approach to mobile-first gaming

//A simple approach to mobile-first gaming

A simple approach to mobile-first gaming

Matthew Rochman, head of technology at OneTouch explains why a simple approach to mobile-first gambling need not be a negative one

With a major focus on Asia and mobile gaming, OneTouch has devoted a lot of time, effort and resources into discovering the key to creating slots content that resonates within the market.

Afterall, with the market share of mobile consistently growing year-on-year, never before has it been more important to cater for the needs and wants of players, or risk losing them to a rival competitor.

It’s important to remember that mobile is not just a one-size-fits-all solution. What works in one market won’t necessarily work in another and that’s something OneTouch has learned quickly.

The European market is very focussed on gamification and getting the most out of every single pixel, which isn’t easy on the smaller real estate of a mobile screen despite the addition of HTML5.

However, Asia is different. Players in the market don’t crave ‘overly produced’ games. Asia is a simplicity market where bettors tend to prefer classic formats with a modern twist.

This is one of the reasons OneTouch has invested so much time and resource into perfecting the art of portrait mode slots, which not only make the most of mobile, but also retain a simpler yet engaging format.

The supplier places a lot of its focus on creating games that can be played in the palm of a players’ hand, while also ensuring the necessary features, and high-end graphics are retained.

And with Puzzle & Dragons, Monster Strike and Rune Story all among the top grossing non-betting games in Asia played in this mode, it’s safe to say that targeting this market is an easy decision to make.

Take latest OneTouch release Juicy7 for example. This simple-to-play 3×3 game features true portrait-first design, while the retro music, sounds and icons combine to create a timeless classic.

Its clean and effective layout means players can treat it as a true on-the-go mobile offering, allowing them to change their stake or even add auto-play all with the use of just one hand.

Closer to home, we have all seen the portrait-mode gaming boom across social games. For example,  Candy Crush Saga, which took the western world by storm and topped $1 billion in revenue.

These are the kinds of figures that should have the whole gambling industry sitting up and taking note, especially as the game play is relatively simple, offering nothing we haven’t seen before.

With a JavaScript framework, portrait-mode mobile offerings need not be overly complicated, but they can still feature the latest in high-end graphics, exciting maths models and engaging gameplay.

Simplicity need not be a negative when the slot on offer is so convenient.

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